blackout concert

An initiative of dynamic silence conceived and conducted by Tres.

Blackout Concerts consist of attentive listening to the machine produced buzz present in the venues where they take place as these sounds are gradually switched off based on their location and intensity. The concerts end when the maximum level of silence and darkness is reached.

By doing so, we experience the surgical dissection of the ambient sounds pervasive throughout our lives: the random mass of blows and hums that fill the rooms where machines are running at work and at home.
During the process of gradually switching off these machines and lights, we experience the discovery of clearer, better defined soundscapes, each time holding a greater presence of silence. The final destination of this audio voyage is darkness and the new resulting atmosphere of regression to silence in its natural threshold where the quality of listening becomes perfect.

However, this description does not refer to cases where the blackout process reaches the totality of the building and not just a room. The total blackout of an entire building has different implications and a greater symbolic component than listening to the sound dissection of a space within reach of the human ear. Notwithstanding, it is very unlikely, if not impossible, to witness each part of the process in its totality. When entire buildings are blackened out, it is better to say, “monitoring the process of silencing and blacking out of the building”, in the same way we listen to the process of data verification and countdowns previous to the launching of a spacecraft.

Approximate duration 30 minutes.





02/21/00 Blackout concert #1 Idea . BCN. Bookshop Café Internet.

03/07/00 Blackout concert #2 Fossar de les Moreres . BCN.

04/28/00 Blackout concert #4 Hangar . BCN. Visual arts production Center.

05/16/00 Blackout concert #6 Idep . BCN Video, cinema, TV school.

05/18/00 Blackout concert #5 So_da. BCN. Lounge bar.

09/14/00 Blackout concert #3 Abaixadors Deu. Bar.BCN.

10/31/00 Blackout concert #7 Sidecar. BCN. Factory club

11/05/00 Blackout concert #8 Festival Periferias. Music festival. Huesca

02/17/01 Blackout concert #9 Fourth International Sound Art Festival. Zeppelin. Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. CCCB. BCN.

03/16/03 Blackout concert #10 Homage to John Cage, 'El bosque sonoro'. Mercat de les Flors. BCN.

04/03/03 Blackout concert #12 Festival Encontros Ifi 2003. Facultad de Bellas Artes de Pontevedra.

10/05/03 Blackout concert #11 Festival experimentaclub '03. La Casa Encendida. Madrid.

10/28/03 Blackout concert #13 Placeta Montcada 3. BCN.

01/01/04 Blackout concert #14 Cafexo´s waterfall, Sotomayor. Pontevedra.

04/29/05 Blackout concert # 15 Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. (CSIC). BCN.

09/06/05 Blackout concert # 16 Keilahalli. ANTI-festival. Kuopio. Finland.

10/17/05 Blackout concert # 17 Kunsthaus Rhenania. Köln. Germany.

12/18/05 Blackout concert # 18 Mau Mau Underground. Lounge Club. BCN.

02/23/06 Blackout concert # 19 Issue Project Room. New York. USA.

06/16/07 16/06/07 Blackout Concert # 20. Sonarama. Sónar Festival. Santa Mónica Center of Art. BCN.

06/21/07 Blackout Concert # 21. L'Auditori. International Day of Music. BCN.

08/26/07 Blackout Concert # 22. Switch off Maçanet de Cabrenys. Maçart Festival. Maçanet de Cabrenys. Girona.

11/03/07 Blackout Concert # 23. "Scheitern lernen" - The Dick Raaijmakers Event. Tesla Building. Berlin. Germany.

04/05/08 Blackout Concert # 24. CaixaForum's Mediateca. BCN.

11/28/08 Blackout # 25. Switch off the School of Architecture of Barcelona.

13/11/10 Blackout # 26 CA2M (Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Móstoles) Madrid.

11/18/13 Blackout # 27 Museum of History and Archeology of Krakow.

12/20/13 Blackout # 28 Arteleku - Donostia.

10/19/14 Blackout # 29 Zuiderstrand Theater, Volkspaleis, The Hague.

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